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Production started on the current Discover the Truth series in May 2012, and is ongoing. Please check back weekly for new episodes or subscribe to our YouTube playlist.

There are currently 82 Discover the Truth videos available.

Hebrew Roots

Follow the Blueprint

Secrets to a Successful Marriage Part 1

What Happened to Worship?

Were You Born Immortal?

Compromise for Short-Term Gain

One True Worship

Why Trials?

Guide to Proper Parenting

Unlocking the Mystery of Grace

Living a Life of Victory

The Amazing Sevens

Live the Book

Sabbath or Sunday?

Secrets Unveiled - Discover the Truth TV Program

Revivals - Discover the Truth Television

Mistakes and Miscues

Prophecy from the Holy Land

The Value of Life - Episode 1, Discussing the Abortion Initiative with Carol Tobias

The Value of Life - Episode 2, Discussing the Abortion Initiative with Carol Tobias

Avoiding Man's Worship

The Value of Life - Episode 3, Discussing the Abortion Initiative with Carol Tobias

Tainted Fruit - A Biblical Analysis on the State of the Bible in Today's Culture

Repairing the Breach

Jeroboam's Sin

The History of the Sacred Name Movement

Discover the Truth interview with Reach for Yahweh International Ministries

The Olivet Prophecy

Discover the Truth from Israel "Prophetic Fall Feasts"

RX for Acceptable Worship - Discover the Truth Television Program

Believe It or Not - Bible Truth Verses Tradition

Divided Devotions - Discover the Truth Television

The Power of Grace

Formula for Success

Truth in a Train Wreck

Accept No Substitutes

Are You Fully Committed?

Christmas the Untold Story

Isaiah's Endtime Prophecy

Do You Know Your Enemy? How much do you know about the Devil?

Holidays or Hollow Days?

Traditions of Men - When and where did many of our traditions originate?

Hidden in Plain Sight

Amazing Claims of Scripture

Signs of the End - Which prophecies have been fulfilled?

What is the Gospel? What did the apostles and the Messiah mean?

Your Purpose in This Life - Is there a greater purpose for your existence?

History of Heresy - How has religion been affected by heresy?

Exploring the Law - What is its purpose, and is it still valid?

Basics of Salvation - How do you find everlasting life? What happens after you find it?

Is Salvation Guaranteed? What standard will you be judged by?

Your Father's Greatness - Understand the majesty of Yahweh and his attributes.

Falling Off the Moral Cliff - As we push away the Bible, what does the future hold for the USA?

The Real Messiah - When was He born? Who was He? What did His death mean for us?

Your Father's Name - Do you know what it is?

The Sign Revealed - What day did the Messiah and the apostles worship on?

What happens after death? Will you go to Heaven?

Teach Us To Pray - A synopsis of biblical prayer and why regular prayer maintains spiritual health.

Salvation's Rewards - What does the Bible teach about heaven and death? What is the plan for you?

New Testament Roots - What was the apostolic church like?

Tithing the Blessings of Faithfulness

Abortion- Silence of the Unborn

Unlocking the Exodus Code - How does the book of Exodus relate to the prophecies in Revelation?

The Holistic Bible - How are the Old and New Testaments related?

Prophetic Feasts Part 2 - The fall feasts and their historical and prophetic significance

Prophetic Feasts Part 1 - The fall feasts and their historical and prophetic significance

The Two Resurrections - What do they mean for us, and life after death?

The Coming Kingdom - What will it be like, and what needs to happen before then?

Amazing Grace - Does grace remove the necessity of keeping to Law?

The Second Coming

The First Hundred Years - How did the apostles worship after the death of the Messiah?

Faith in Focus - How does faith impact our Salvation?

Honor your Father - What does our Heavenly Father want from us?

The Sorry State of Repentance - Discover the Truth TV Program

Born Again - Discover the Truth TV Program

Torah Lessons - Discover the Truth TV Program

Is Doctrine Dead? - Discover the Truth

Lost in Translation - Discover the Truth TV Program

"Lessons from Abraham" - Discover the Truth TV Program

What Would Yahshua Do? - Discover the Truth TV Program

Are You Serious? - Discover the Truth TV Program

Is the Pretribulation Rapture for Real?